BFJCS on the BBC – 40 million Listeners

BFJCS on the BBC – 40 million Listeners

July 7, 2010

On July 4th, our Family Relocation Project was featured on the BBC Radio show named “Americana.”

Anchored by Matt Frei, Americana is a 30 minute weekly radio show presenting quick stories about important and interesting things happening in the USA – news, culture and politics.

Broadcast on BBC Radio 4 in the United Kingdom, on America’s National Public Radio, as well as the BBC World Service throughout the world, the show’s aggregate audience is over 40 million people. Recent guests include Brian Williams, Newt Gingrich, George Will, and Joe Scarborough.

To access the particular story about Dothan’s Jewish community and our family relocation project:

1. click on this link:

2. you will be taken to the BBC’s homepage of their Americana radio show

3. on the left side of that BBC Americana homepage, just below the photo of host Matt Frei, you see in black letters, the words “Available now on BBC iplayer, 04/07/2010” and you will see a horizontal box entitled “Listen Now”

4. click on the listen now box

5. a smaller window will now open for you, and the audio file of the show will automatically load for you, be patient as this relatively large file can take several minutes to automatically load

6. you have two options at this point, you can sit back and listen to the entire 30 minute show or you can access just Dothan’s story

7. to listen to only Dothan’s story, note in the lower left area of this new window there are two buttons, the far left button consists of two small vertical/parallel lines

8. after the audio file loads and you begin to hear the show over your computer’s speaker, you will note that directly below the far lower left button with the two small vertical/parallel lines, there appears a pink horizontal line

9. if you place your cursor at the front of that pink horizontal line, click and drag that pink horizontal line to the right

10. as you click and drag the far right end of the pink horizontal line to the right, you will note that the clock directly above the pink line will increase because you are moving deeper inot the 30 minute audio file

11. click and drag the pink time line to the clock time of “21 minutes and 10 seconds = 21.10”

12. Dothan’s story in the audio file lasts from 21.10 (i.e. 21 minutes and 10 seconds into the show’s 30 minute timeframe) to 28.00 (i.e. 28 minutes into the show’s 30 minute timeframe)

Enjoy !

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