Book Discussion Group Meets June 19

Book Discussion Group Meets June 19

May 28, 2008

Temple’s Book Discussion Group meets on Thursday June 19th at 7:00 pm. Summer has finally arrived so now we have the time to catch up on some of the reading we did not have time for earlier in the year. It is always fun to read a good book, and then talk about it with friends.

The book we will be reading is entitled The Zookeeper’s Wife by Diane Ackerman. The story Ackerman wrote is true, but reads like a thrilling novel. Publisher’s Weekly says of the book, “Ackerman (A Natural History of the Senses) tells the remarkable WWII story of Jan Zabinski, the director of the Warsaw Zoo, and his wife, Antonina, who, with courage and cool-headed ingenuity, sheltered 300 Jews as well as Polish resisters in their villa and in animal cages and sheds. Using Antonina’s diaries, other contemporary sources and her own research in Poland, Ackerman takes us into the Warsaw ghetto and the 1943 Jewish uprising and also describes the Poles’ revolt against the Nazi occupiers in 1944…… Ackerman’s writing is viscerally evocative, as in her description of the effects of the German bombing of the zoo area: …the sky broke open and whistling fire hurtled down, cages exploded, moats rained upward, iron bars squealed as they wrenched apart. This suspenseful beautifully crafted story deserves a wide readership.”

The Zookeeper’s Wife is available at Dothan’s Barnes and Noble. Enjoy a good book and then join with friends at Temple to drink some coffee and talk it over.

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