Business Week Names Dothan Number One

Business Week Names Dothan Number One

November 19, 2009

On November 17, 2009, Business Week Magazine published their annual list of America’s top cities to raise a family for the year 2010 — fifty cities, one per state.

Please join us in celebrating their selecting Dothan as Alabama’s number one place to raise a family !

Paraphrasing the published article, here is how and why Dothan was afforded this honor:

1. Business Week used the same criteria to rank the cities, data used included school performance, number of schools, household expenditures, crime rates, air quality, job growth, family income, museums, parks, theaters, other amenities, and diversity.

2. Affordability, safety, and school test scores were given the greatest weight.

3. In particlular, school performance was based on state reading and math test scores and came from Great Schools. Museum, theater, park, and recreation information came from InfoUSA. Air quality information came from the Environmental Protection Agency, household expenditures and diversity data were collected from the U.S. Census Bureau, and job growth data came from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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