Dothan Cost of Living, Lowest in Alabama

Dothan Cost of Living, Lowest in Alabama

September 2, 2015

This morning’s headline in our local newspaper, The Dothan Eagle, announced that Dothan’s cost of living is now the lowest in the Alabama.

Said another way, our town’s cost of living is 15% below the national average !
Here’s the article.
Posted on Sep 1, 2015

by Ebony Davis

When the decision came for Newville native Bettye Baum and her husband to retire after leaving the Dothan area with the Air Force for Riverside, California, in 1971, she said she couldn’t have been happier to return home.

She said family, a house and cost of living made the choice to come back an easier one. She is among several residents who either opted to locate here or who have always lived here for the benefits of the lower costs of living than other areas. According to the 2015 Council for Community and Economic Research (C2ER), which measures living costs in 271 urban areas nationally and eight in Alabama, Dothan’s metropolitan statistical area (MSA) had the lowest cost of living in the state.

Melia McKean, Dothan Area Chamber of Commerce communications director, said the Dothan MSA came in at 85 percent for its total index, which means the cost of living for the Dothan area is 15 percent below the national average.

C2ER, formerly known as the American Chamber of Commerce Research Association, considered in the study relative price levels in consumer goods and services, such as groceries, utilities, transportation and health care. The study also considered miscellaneous goods and services like haircuts, newspaper subscriptions, clothes and beer and wine.

State and local taxes were not considered, according to C2ER.

Baum, a retired registered nurse, said utilities and gas prices are considerably lower in Dothan than what she experienced in California. She said the couple considered retiring in North Carolina, which is her husband’s home state, because of its recommendation as a top place to consider for retirement.

“In the end, Dothan won, so I’m so happy to be back home with some of my family and old classmates that also left and returned,” she said.

“The (Rose Hill) senior center here is a lot like what we had in California, and the mayor is so nice. I can’t say the traffic is any better, but the fuel is.”

Norman Cummings said he left Dothan in 2007 after living here 52 years, but returned back from San Antonio.

“I worked three jobs in San Antonio to live the life I wanted,” he said. “I come back here (to Dothan), and I work one job. This is the place to live to raise a family and have kids.”

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