Dothan in the News

Dothan in the News

August 20, 2008

On Tuesday August 19, 2008, Dothan was visited by Associated Press correspondent Jay Reeves to gather information for an article about our Jewish community (past and present), Temple Emanu-El, Blumberg Family Jewish Community Services (JCS), and the JCS Family Relocation Project.

JCS executive director Robert Goldsmith organized and hosted the day-long site visit and was interviewed at length. The itinerary included:

1. Tour of Dothan (for background/context photographs)

2. Telephone interview with three leaders of Dothan’s Jewish community

(Dr. Barbara Minsky, Valerie Barnes, and Edward Marblestone)

3. In-person interview with three leaders of Dothan’s Jewish community (Thelma Nomberg, Richard Blumberg, and Larry Blumberg)

4. Tour of Temple Emanu-El and an in-person interview with Rabbi Lynne Goldsmith

Dothan’s Jewish community and the JCS are honored and excited to receive this attention — proof positive that ours is a truly distinctive, vital and most worthy initiative.

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