Earning the Cub Scout’s Aleph Medal

Earning the Cub Scout’s Aleph Medal

May 13, 2013

This truly is “a big deal.”

Temple Emanu-El honored Asa on Friday night, May 10th, upon the occasion of his receiving the Cub Scout’s Aleph Medal. Researching the congregation’s records, evidently this is the first such award earned by one of our children.

The Aleph Medal is worn over the scout’s heart (the uniform’s left pocket). It has a Torah and Ner Tamid on it. Cub Scout law requires that “once a scout has earned this award, others will depend on him to teach them.”

In order to earn The Aleph, the National Jewish Committee on Scouting requires that Asa keep a notebook documenting projects/activities as follows:

    • Torah – 5 tasks
    • Prayer – 3 items
    • Religious Holidays – 12 activities
    • Bible Hero – 2 essays
    • Famous American Jews – 2 reports
    • The Synagogue – 2 tasks
    • The Jewish Home – 2 projects
    • The Land of Israel – 3 activities

Mazel Tov Asa !

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