Family Relocation Project on TV News

Family Relocation Project on TV News

July 7, 2010

Please click the link below to access an excellent news story broadcast last night on Dothan’s local CBS affiliate.

Know that WTVY’s evening news program is, consistently, number one in our market. Interestingly, WTVY’s 2,000 foot transmission tower is the tallest structure in the State of Florida, reaching 20 counties in three states, with a population over 500,000.

Our congregation and the BFJCS continue to enjoy the positive attention (and pride) of Dothan’s greater community !

> when you click on the web address above, you will see the written story

> then click on the small icon/box of a video camera that appears just below the name and email address of the WTVY journalist named Josh, when you click on that icon, the video story will play for you.

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