Media Kit

Media Kit

Blumberg Family Jewish Community Services of Dothan (JCS)


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Quick Facts

JCS Mission

Established November 2007, the JCS’ Mission is to seek, build, sustain, and assure the continuity of a vibrant Jewish community at Temple Emanu-El of Dothan Alabama. To meet its Mission, the JCS formulated, and now operates, a very distinctive initiative to move Jewish families to Dothan by providing significant financial assistance in the form of relocation grants up to $50,000 per family, for those who qualify.

The Family Relocation Project – Why?

Jews have been in Dothan since the 1880s; Temple Emanu-El was founded during 1929. Up until the 1970s, Temple flourished to over 110 members but then diminished, like so many other mid-west and southern congregations, to the point of about 35 members circa 2005. That was the point in time when our philanthropist Larry Blumberg outlined his vision for a program to assist Jewish families to relocate to Dothan because Dothans congregation was not going wither and die.” 

JCS Initial Phase, Formulation and Implementation

An aggressive advertising initiative brought significant positive exposure to Dothans Jewish community, Temple Emanu-El, the JCS and the Family Relocation Project. A series of ads was placed in major Jewish community newspapers, reaching 280,000 people plus the JCS’ website went live. The JCS and Temple Emanu-El enjoyed international media attention as a result of two wire service articles published worldwide by the Associated Press, a full-page profile of Mr. Blumberg in Reform Judaism Magazine, an article in Hadassah Magazine, a story broadcast by CNN, a five-minute story broadcast to 13 million listeners on National Public Radio and a lengthy profile in Bnai Brith Magazine.

Ouch – The Great Recession

Our prospect families became very conservative and risk-averse for 18 months or so during the heart of the recession but the JCS continued to enjoy positive press including an article in the May 2010 issue of The Economist (with a weekly readership of 1.6 million) and in The Atlantic Magazine which has a circulation of 400,000.

Moving Out of the Recession

The JCS and its family relocation project rebounded as our prospect families gained some confidence that the nations challenged economy was improving. We greatly expanded our pool of prospect families by aggressively reaching out to active empty nester couples age 55+, via advertisements placed in Moment Magazine, Hadassah Magazine, and Reform Judaism Magazine. We also established a Facebook page and purchased a Facebook advertisement. The JCS was very proud to be a role model for other Jewish communities that were formulating initiatives to retain/attract families to their community: Meridian, MS; Tulsa, OK; Greensboro, NC, and; Cincinnati, OH.

Implementing More Initiatives Along the Way

JCS reaffirmed its positive working relationship with leadership at the Southeast Alabama Medical Center and the new Alabama College of Osteopathic Medicine as they expanded recruitment of hospital physicians and faculty/staff for the new Medical College. The JCS was honored to be an active partner with these recruitment activities, hosting Jewish candidates/families brought to town for interviews. Working closely with leadership at the Southeast Alabama Medical Center Foundation, the JCS established a four year scholarship to help recruit and retain full time ACOM medical students of the Jewish faith, to be named Blumberg Scholars. This represents a JCS commitment of $240,000 to fund the Blumberg Scholarship. JCS has also made a five-year, $20,000 commitment to support the Temples cultural activities fund, donated $2,000 to Temple to help repair/restore the congregations precious Holocaust Torah, and donated $45,000 to the synagogue (in supplement to the lead donors magnificent gift) to design/reconstruct the Temples entrance, handicap accessible ramp, and parking lot. JCS also supported the Temples rabbinical search efforts when Rabbi Lynne Goldsmith announced she would be retiring in June of 2017. The JCS family relocation project has continued to enjoy more, very positive published stories (newspapers, radio, and video) including: Associated Press; Jewish Telegraphic Agency; BBC International Radio, and; USA Today/Gannett Newspapers.

There Are Jews Here – Documentary Film

JCS and the Dothan Jewish community are featured in There Are Jews Herea major documentary that is now being shown across the nation at major Jewish film festivals. The film follows the stories of four small Jewish communities in Texas, Montana, Pennsylvania and Alabama. While the other small communities are preparing to close the doors to their synagogues forever, Dothan and the bold JCS relocation initiative show how a community can successfully respond to such a challenge. There Are Jews Here was produced and directed by Brad Lichtenstein and 371 Productions.

Great Results So Far – Dothans Jewish Community

Temple Emanu-El is very clearly reinvigorated, with strong lay and Rabbinic leadership, standing tall as the only a house of Jewish worship, study, and assembly within a 90 mile radius of Dothan. We are proud to say that we are small but mighty." Our membership has increased since 2005, from 35 to 60 members; religious school has grown from four kids to twelve. Brotherhood is reborn, now enjoying 30 members and 17 yearly activities. Sisterhood and Hadassah are thriving. We have 15+ regular attendees at weekly Torah Study; are experimenting with Shabbat Morning Services; added more music to our Services; established an adult Hebrew class; celebrated an array of individual/entire family conversions to Judaism; had several adult Bnai Mitzvot, and; enjoyed the congregations first-ever trip to Israel. A great, positive dynamic has been recent successes initiated by congregants: a fun monthly bowling league of 20 participants (The Mitzvah Misfits), a Monthly Book Club, and a Mahjong group.

Excellent Results 

The JCS is honored to be a part of the congregations on-going reinvigoration and wonderful vibrancy, described above. We recently moved our twelfth Jewish family to the area. The families are from Illinois, Pennsylvania, Florida, New York, Virginia, Georgia, California, Ohio and Massachusetts – an aggregate of 24 adults and 10 children. The adults have filled various leadership roles over the years, including: President, leading Temples building and grounds committee, volunteering to lead and teach in the Religious School, serving as Shabbat Services vocal soloist, founding the Mitzvah Misfits, initiating and leading our annual retreat, facilitating an update of Temples strategic plan, and serving on/elected to Temples Board of Trustees. Why Just Twelve Families So Far? Not all families qualify, we do a lot of due diligence.  A familys first step is to complete/transmit to us a prospect questionnaire” via our website. Weve received hundreds of those, many do not move on to, or beyond, the next step which is a lengthy screening phone call. Overall, we seek serious, committed Jewish families who are prepared to move to town for the long term. The financial dislocation can be very challenging, having to sell ones house, be willing to resign their current employment and find good/gainful employment in Dothan. Public education, K-12 is fair to good in Dothan, at best. 

How Many Additional Families Can We Accommodate?

At least six, apply now!

What is the Profile of a Promising Prospect Family?

The families are ready for their next great adventure; are often times risk takers. They understand there will be some culture shock here compared to what they are used to.  They appreciate there will be challenges to maintaining a Jewish life in a small, remote congregation – its hard work, you need to be active and engaged. They have to be an ambassador – there will be many Jewish teaching moments after you move here. Such promising prospect families tell us that they are ready for change, to leave traffic congestion, too fast a pace, high crime and taxes, oftentimes cold and snow. They seek a vibrant and growing Jewish community where they can enjoy a lower cost of living, improved quality of life, better weather and be close to the beach. They seek to move to a positive place where they can make a difference in their congregation and community. They yearn for an extended familcongregation like ours where expensive dues/five year building fund pledges/high holiday tickets are not the ethic.

Why Dothan?

Its a progressive community, great place to live, work, and raise a family. Our Mayor says that this is a faith community and we agree, with 140 houses of worship.   There really is such a thing as southern hospitality, folks are super friendly, our community has zero history of anti-Semitism, Jews are highly respected. We enjoy great parks and rec, police and fire protection, really low taxes and cost of living – especially real estate prices. 

During 2015, Dothan was named the Alabama city with the lowest cost of living. And in 2019, Dothan was named the fifth best city for doctors to work in and number one in the U.S. for small cities. The reason? The average salary for Dothan doctors is 31% higher than the national average and Dothan has 24% more jobs for doctors per capita than the national average.  Oh, and yes, we are only 70 miles from the beautiful beaches of the Gulf of Mexico and Panama City, FL.