Standing in Solidarity with Women of the Wall

Standing in Solidarity with Women of the Wall

November 15, 2012

Dothan’s congregation is deeply concerned about the continued verbal and physical harassment experienced by Israel’s Women of the Wall, most recently Anat Hoffman’s arrest on October 16th.

Anat was arrested while conducting a Rosh Chodesh prayer service at The Wall, with 250+ women, in honor of Hadassah’s centennial birthday. Anat was handcuffed, denied contact with her attorney, strip searched, and ordered to lay on a bare floor in a tiny jail cell.

On the occasion of Rosh Chodesh November 15th, men and women of Dothan’s Temple Emanu-El prayed together, wearing tallit, reciting the Shma out loud, in support of Women of the Wall.

Congregants signed a letter of solidarity; that letter and a photograph of the our men and women praying the Shma during the morning t’filah service was then emailed to Anat Hoffman and other outlets in the Jewish world.

Today we prayed the following during t’filah: “May G-d’s presence be manifest in Jerusalem, establishing peace in Jerusalem’s gates and in the hearts of all who dwell there.”

Ken yehi ratzon.

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