Study finds Dothan among nation’s most affordable

Study finds Dothan among nation’s most affordable

A new study shows that the Dothan area is one of the most affordable places in the country to live.

The Council for Community and Economic Research, an Arlington, Virginia-based think tank, recently completed a study comparing cost of living among 253 metropolitan statistical areas. The study found that the Dothan MSA has the second lowest cost of living in Alabama and the 25th lowest in the U.S.

Matt Parker, president of the Dothan Area Chamber of Commerce, said a low cost of living was helpful in attracting new residents and businesses.

“For a retiree moving from a higher cost area, it certainly frees up more of their disposable income for other activities,” he said. “For the business, it allows them to operate more cost effectively and enhance potential employees to relocate for new positions.”

The study examined costs for groceries, housing, utilities, transportation, healthcare, and miscellaneous goods and services.

The index for housing was at 68.3, 31.7 percent lower than the national average. Groceries were at 99.9, transportation was at 86.7, health care was at 89, and the miscellaneous goods and services category was at 90.6. The one category where Dothan had a higher than average index was utilities, which stood at 101.5. Dothan’s index for utilities was lower than anywhere else in the state, however.

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