The Paper Clip Project

The Paper Clip Project

January 24, 2013

On Wednesday, January 23rd, Sandra Roberts visited Dothan, sponsored by Troy University and Temple Emanu-El’s Social and Cutural Events Fund (underwritten by Blumberg Family Jewish Community Services).

Ms. Roberts is a teacher at Whitwell Middle School of Whitwell, Tennessee and spokesperson for her school’s Children’s Holocaust Memorial. She told us that The Paper Clip Project is “all about remembering and educating about the Holocaust, not necessarily speaking about the six million, because it is so difficult for us to process so many Jews who disappeared, but rather speaking about them as individual Jews and people: one + one + one + one …………”

During the day, Ms. Roberts spoke at the Troy University Dothan campus to a audience of several hundred teachers and students. Then,
that evening, she spoke to an audience of Temple members and the local community at the synagogue. Ms. Roberts is a gifted speaker, educator, and champion of this cause – we thank her for all that she does for her students.

Here’s a link to a front page story in the Dothan Eagle newspaper:

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