Tikkun Olam at its Best – Feeding the Hungry

Tikkun Olam at its Best – Feeding the Hungry

October 6, 2010

During the past three years, Dothan’s Temple Emanu-El has carried-out a food drive in two components, fall and spring, on behalf of the Wiregrass United Way Food Bank.

Since its founding, the Food Bank has distributed 43 million meals to folks in-need throughout our five county area.

Given the nation’s continuing recession, and the awful impact that we see on our neighbors and their families, Dothan’s Jewish community committed itself to collecting just as much as we could for the fall, 2010 food drive.

The congregation’s fall 2010 food drive has just been completed, gathering a whopping total of 2,270 pounds of food for the Food Bank. The 2,270 pounds represents 1,770 meals and is a 33% increase over the Temple’s record fall 2009 collection of 1,719 pounds of food.

Congratulations to our ‘small but mighty’ congregation, 56 members strong, this achievement calculates to each family donating over 41 pounds of food.


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